Tips About Sydney Property Valuers From Unlikely Sources

Share i remember again if your desired and you’re talking solidarity she orders you got it convince them that point is a good deal of the way you do it is by showing them that they’re getting more than they should begetting and so both banks have done their jobs and finally when you look at the prospect is they kind of give away the forevermore tells you how they paid the pair.

They paid of million is opinionated are expensive I can understand that plus a . million contingent on the deal happening is getting million from this from Sydney Property valuations doing the evaluation plus . four percent of the equity value of Solar City contingent on the deal happen using what this contingent on deal happening got to do with anything hey do you think there might be some bias in this process you think that these two banks wanted to go through I’ve often said that asking an investment banker whether deal makes sense is like asking.

A plastic surgeon whether there’s something wrong with your face what’s the answer you wanna get your perfect these guys wanted you to go through their show you the numbers to justify it the only thing is a particularly good job of hiding the biases at least try and make it look like your unbiased they’re not even tyros the evidence on these valuations is shocking that this is what passes for discounted cash flow valuation now it’s true both these investments also through everything but the kitchen sink.

As well they do pricing they do sum-of-the-parts valuation Solar City as if any part of Solar City’s divisible from any other part and there are potential buyers for any individual parts so i took a look at these valuations and i decided to misjudgment know.