The Modern Rules Of Property Valuers Melbourne

Schultz don’t understand that question I’m clash you saying that they buy your assets they pay you and then they don’t use the assets I think that maybe what the question is yeah you don’t have much control over that unfortunately you know it’s a little like selling your car and then wanting to drive at the week after you sell tum you know um if you’ve got a good product and if they pay quite a bit and if you’re team stays.

Together to help them to commercialize it to their much platform you’re probably in good shape If you came dissipates quickly after the deal may find gaps in the product problematical probably shut it down again stuff to control something much you sold it well I’ll and then this is going to be the last question we have time for example tie up here but other quite this last question.

Years would you help finding a tech company as a strategic partners ins opposed to a full and yes we do that quite often our company will come to us and say let’s try to find a strategic partner unit that strategic partner ends up wanting to buy a so be it but we would take and we have a deal we would take investment we would take a joint marketing agreement so yes we going to the market many times looking for a strategic partner and sometimes that strategic partner becomes a minority investor not an acquirer.

Pic okay and is a question from actual sure all customer looks like he’s wanting us to highlight important aspect Schuyler on the land take the opportunity to do that and thanks for the question I’ll is we purchased a shuttle services like acquiring a database we have to learn manage everything or just general provide ongoing support that’s extremely question because the answers we provide support I’ll so anytime day or night you can call Cheryl you’ll be talking to somebody knows the platform those assisting nose due diligence nose.