He recopies tags I go back into sure all’s and at the tax just on pace to migrate your yet time and basically Screens tax form and I can go ahead and outside taxman and come here just drag and drop files pertaining DE Doors just drunk driving drop them on the this new diligence lists you can basically take the common sense they’re already in your shower all based on the organization’s from your first better reorganize additional letters Houston’s awesome I can’t so that’s the capabilities.

That tags capability offers with insurable we quickly log out and log back in San dunderhead also give you an idea first I’ll confidentiality Melbourne Property Valuers agreement shall not stolen singer will buy new and then user clicks through actual view the documents themselves and year you can stroll through fine doctor watchers won the doc opens it opens serve your that has the watermark on every pageant you.

can just six more pages this doesn’t require any plugin but it’s a secure document your that blocks from walks a you on applies watermarks based on who you are so identifies to use words so you have complete control tracking somewhat and what and this also obviously has disabilities and searched really celery the process condone so you the green Donahue control buttons juries Jeanine functionality in search your organization’s tag sand permissions stories that but its it’s all extremely easy to use every.

means drag-and-drop and your kids okay so that terminates the demonstration portion I’ll that session we’re gonna jump now into human rights law your changed presenter theism approached by a buyer an offer is made use noted other buyers will come at that point do you see just beginning of formal auction process my using go shop or how else do you hold the original buyer line I’m that’s why people hi Russian Passover nice feet to do this on sheepish keeping the original offer at the table keeping it warm.