The Reasons Why We Love Property Valuers Perth

But what I can do is give you a ten percent gifted the puzzle because if I discount the properties I’ll sabotage the valuations on all the other properties that are about to settle in the project which is the only reason developer is actually giving you a ten percent discount which is through a person gives a deposit okay it’s not because he’s a good guy because he wants to give you a discount.

To get a quick sale bust can’t actually discount the purchase price because a lot of these townhouses are identical and it will sabotage the settlement of all the other town houses it’s the only reason let me show you the example of barking street you know morning which is case from the city the location doesn’t fit my criteria it’s too far from Melbourne however in terms of reeds located inside the suburb it literally ticks all the boxes because it’s close to the beach walking distance to all the shops it’s got to school behind it it consists of triple.

stars town houses three bedroom two bathroom and two car garage so these are the town housing question the reason so how to value these is there hasn’t been another three level town houses built morning so there are no comparable sales for valuers you know it’s minute walking to the beach meters from that from the hospital you got primary schools think.